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Rosalba Martinez, Principal
Rosalba Martinez, Principal

Dear Parents,

Thank you for an amazing first year at Sanchez-Ochoa. I am impressed by the quality of education that the students have received. I saw significant gains in all grade levels. In the ECC, students were in the Beginning stages of reading acquisition but by the end of the year, the majority if the students were already at the emerging stages. It was amazing to see such gains.

For the Primary grades, students made leaps and bounds in their Rigby and TPRI scores. By using data, teachers were able to meet the needs of students and help them achieve reading mastery! Not to be left behind, Math has always been a strength of the campus and it continues to be a strength.

For the intermediate grades, preliminary results show STAAR scores at an all-time high! Great job everyone.

Equally successful were the Chess, Dance team, Robotics, UIL, Spelling, alethea and Athletic teams. It takes teamwork to make the dream work!

Therefore parents, students, teachers and staff, thank you for an amazing year! The best is yet to come.

Rosalba Martinez


Sanchez-Ochoa Elementary school

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